Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Trip To The Library!!

So we haven't been to the Library in a while.....{I think a month}!  It's been a crazy month, and this upcoming month will be about the same, so hopefully we won't go a whole month again in between visits this time!  We got some good books, and I know that because we have to continually get this one book, and the others I know are good because we read when we got home!  Here they are...

This is a book that Joey asks for all the time!  There are 3 in the Pinkalicious series, so we just rotate between the 3 each time we go to the library! 

*We love this book, it's about a girl who loves the color pink :)  On a rainy day, she and her mom make pink cupcakes.  She eats a few too many and turns pink herself!  It's super cute, and even cuter when Joey says "I want Licious"!!  I recommend this book to anyone!!

Joey's current obsession is Dora anything!  Her bday party is going to be Dora themed because of the obsession!  She saw this book and we had to get it!

*We got home and read the book, and it's designed for older kids to learn how to read.  It puts recognizable pictures with words underneath them mid sentence so that kids can see the picture and read the word!  The book is cute, and way better than a 25 minute Dora show episode!  We will be checking more of these out in the future!

I got this book because the cover looked so much fun!  I'm all about judging books by their cover!!!  

*We got home and read this one too!  It's about a boy who loves to chew gum and there is a bully who is picking on him all the time.  He learns to blow crazy bubbles and the boy can't make fun of him anymore until he blows this super huge bubble on the cover that sends him soaring in the air!  The book is super cute and Johnny likes it because it rhymed all the way to the end!!

We have already read Llama Llama Misses Mama, and loved it!  We had to get this one because the first one was so cute!!

*This one is about taking your little one shopping which we all know can be oh so much fun!  Anywho, we read this one when we got home too and loved it!  Llama Llama books are so cute!

This was a "grab on the way out" book, and it was the cover that grabbed me!!

*This is about a girl who was born with super huge feet :)  She was cast in the school play as a clown because of them, but decides after watching another girl that she wants to do ballet with those big old feet.  Johnny read this one to Joey before bed tonight, and it was super cute!

Who doesn't love penguins??  I got this one based on the cover, it just looks so cute!  We have not read this one yet!!

I got this one based off of an internet search for children's books.  It came highly recommended and looked like a good one! We shall see!

I got this one because it has the word Tumble in the title :)  No seriously, that was the qualifying factor!  Looks like a rhyming book, and I'm sure we will like it once we get to reading it!

I've decided to put a little * and write the reviews as I read the books!  I love getting suggestions from other people, and maybe they will want mine :)  Let me know if you know of any good books we can get for Joey to read!!!


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on my blog, look at Kelly S's blog. Her daughter just had a Dora party and it was adorable! I loved the "backpack" favors... cute ideas you could use!

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